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What I'm reading: Ernst Jünger

I've been exploring the work of Ernst Jünger, which I've never really read until now. The most cursory searching confirms a high likelihood of this man entering the Other Life pantheon. Consider the following from Eumeswil:

When society involves the anarch in a conflict which in which he does not participate inwardly, it challenges him to launch an opposition. He will try to turn the lever with which society moves him. Society is then at his disposal, say, as a stage for grand spectacles that are devised for him. Everything changes; the fetter becomes fascinating, danger an adventure, a suspenseful task.

I found a feature-length documentary about Jünger's time in Paris, called One Man's War (La Guerre d'un Seul Homme), which had his approval:

Jünger himself knew of this film, as a short passage from The Details of Time: Conversations with Ernst Jünger reveals. In those conversations with Julian Hervier, he only indicates that he had given the director Cozarinsky permission to make the film and in retrospect had no reason to regret the decision. Indeed - it is well done and provides excellent context for Jünger's difficult and yet enriching experience in occupied Paris.


I can't vouch for the film but I have added it to my queue, and will watch it soon. Perhaps you will watch it, too.

On my coming to Jünger, hat tip to Curtis, from whom I occasionally receive short missives in the reactionary genre of unsolicited advice — with gratitude, of course. I promise I'll eventually get to the other authors on your list, sir, but this one seems nearest my current tastes. Vielen Dank.

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