Operation Blazing Saddles

I am a professor, but I am also a normal person and I say and do what I want, according to what I believe. If I am forced to choose, I’m going to choose being real. I am not ever going to play the censorship victim cause célèbre — if anything, I will be a censorship winner, because whenever you choose to be real, you can’t lose!

That said, I am now getting heat for all of my blogging and videos and such. So I’ve been forced to decide: slow down and lay low to protect my institutional prestige, or go all-in writing and saying what I think. And personally, I think I’ve already decided: I feel like it’s time to ride the wheels off this bitch.

My commitments are not dependent on anyone’s money, but monetary support would definitely embolden me. To the few of you who have offered in the past, and to anyone else who really likes what I’m doing (with some money to burn), now would be a useful time to register your support in this way. Obviously, if you’re low on cash then don’t spend it here! Thanks all.


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