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#5 - Dan Goss and Rosie Hiscock

Dan Goss is a happy revolutionary. Unlike me Dan actually works hard on many active political campaigns. We first met through Plan C. Although Dan is a very committed and serious organizer, he's also very based and reflective and funny, too, which is why I asked him to do a podcast. We are joined by Rosie Hiscock, who is a working actress and musician. We recorded this podcast in Dan's home in London.


Notes with timestamps:

how to shut down a coal mine in South Wales (1:56)

activist guilt, and work guilt, and why they're fucked up (7:50)

doing direct action just for fun (9:05)

honesty as the only radical political obligation (9:40)

don't be insecure about seeming selfish (13:00)

don't do stupid activist shit if you don't honestly believe it's going to make revolution (15:00)

why I like Plan C (15:30)

Dan is against altruism and selfishness (15:50)

What if the joy of our relationships was the only thing? (18:15)

don't care what some random activist group thinks (18:50)

maybe we need a cult with no leader (24:30)

how does one become ungovernable? (34:20)

acting and performance as a political skill (37:25)

The power of self-observance (38:00)

Rosie teaches us the Alexander Technique (39:00)

the political significance of a slouching posture (41:40)

resentment and conservatism (52:30)

how is Dan so happy all the time? (55:00)

on becoming revolutionary or hating yourself (63:00)

how the fear of being offensive turns people off to politics (74:30)

the idiotic performances of activism (75:00)

refuse anything that does not feel like the liberation of your soul (76:20)

radical politics is learning how to live (83:00)

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