May 20, 2020
How many readers do you need? Kierkegaard only hoped for one

If even two people read your blog, be ecstatic.

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May 13, 2020
Lessons from Nietzsche’s Awful Publishing Results

Why your crappy first book will sell better than Nietzsche's best books

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May 5, 2020
Scientific introspection and the analytical advantage of average people

On the scientific advantage of being average.

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April 28, 2020
Intelligence as a political cleavage

When income is earned through a bureaucratic office, success in that office increasingly requires opposition to intelligence as such.

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April 24, 2020
Radical Politics for Control Societies: Based Deleuze Lecture 4

This is Lecture 4 (out of 6) in the Based Deleuze lecture course. You can watch the video of this lecture on Youtube or buy the whole series at gum.co/deleuze. Welcome to the fourth lecture in my lecture series to supplement my book Based Deleuze. We have now covered a lot of concepts so far. […]

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April 21, 2020
You don’t have writer’s block, you’re just being evil

“Boredom is the root of all evil―the despairing refusal to be oneself.” ― Soren Kierkegaard

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