July 10, 2020
From Hacker to Homesteading Author with Travis Corcoran

Travis Corcoran worked on startups before he built a homestead and turned to indie book writing and publishing. He recently launched a homesteading book on Kickstarter, which insanely crushed its goal. He describes himself as a "Catholic anarcho-capitalist software-engineering hobo farmer." You can get his homesteading book and support his work on Kickstarter. ➡️  If […]

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June 26, 2020
Hustlers #3: Paul Skallas aka Lindy Man

Paul Skallas aka Lindy Man is an acolyte of Nassim Taleb. He operates a particularly strange and, frankly, dubious hustle selling ebooks. This is a case study of his operation. Third in a series on internet intellectuals & their hustles. ➡️  Request an invitation to IndieThinkers.org ➡️  If you'd like to discuss this podcast with […]

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June 19, 2020
Intro to Georges Bataille with Nina Power

Get our free Bataille study guide and learn more about our online course at theotherlifenow.com/bataille. ➡️  If you'd like to discuss this podcast with me and others, suggest future guests, or read/watch/listen to more content on these themes, request an invitation at theotherlifenow.com/join. ➡️  Patrons get early access to podcasts, not-yet-published writings, videos from my […]

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June 10, 2020
Anna Khachiyan's Insubordination

Anna Khachiyan from Red Scare tells the story of how she left her PhD program at NYU; how she has more intellectual influence because of it; whether living in NYC is worth it for creators; and many other things.

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May 28, 2020
Hustlers #2: Selling Zines and Quitting Jobs with Sonya Mann

Hustlers is a series on how independent intellectuals make money on the internet. Check out Sonya Mann at sonyasupposedly.com or on Twitter at @SonyaSupposedly. Click here to download this episode.

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May 21, 2020
Hustlers #1: How Aella Makes Bank on OnlyFans

A new series on how independent intellectuals make money on the internet. Aella is a blogger who recently started on OnlyFans, the new decentralized porn platform revolutionizing the adult industry. We talk about the sociology and economics of OnlyFans, and Aella's experiences so far. Follow Aella on Twitter at @Aella_Girl. If you'd like to discuss […]

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