May 21, 2020
Hustlers #1: How Aella Makes Bank on OnlyFans

A new series on how independent intellectuals make money on the internet. Aella is a blogger who recently started on OnlyFans, the new decentralized porn platform revolutionizing the adult industry. We talk about the sociology and economics of OnlyFans, and Aella's experiences so far. Follow Aella on Twitter at @Aella_Girl. If you'd like to discuss […]

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May 6, 2020
Do Not Despair (Kierkegaard and The Sickness Unto Death)

Some reflections on despair, existentialism, and Christianity via Kierkegaard's book The Sickness Unto Death. ➡️ I publish a free weekly newsletter about independent intellectuals on the internet. You should subscribe. ➡️ If you'd like to join my Discord server, request an invitation here. ➡️ Big thanks to my patrons who help me keep the lights on. […]

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April 24, 2020
Radical Politics for Control Societies: Based Deleuze Lecture 4

This is Lecture 4 (out of 6) in the Based Deleuze lecture course. You can watch the video of this lecture on Youtube or buy the whole series at gum.co/deleuze. Welcome to the fourth lecture in my lecture series to supplement my book Based Deleuze. We have now covered a lot of concepts so far. […]

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April 16, 2020
Engineering negative virality

In-depth case study of a nuclear tweet. After my globally nuclear tweet about Greta & Epstein, I thought a lot about the factors that predict negative virality (aka being "ratio'ed" on Twitter). A few weeks later, when drafting a quick tweet, I had a very strong intuition that the tweet would be ratio'ed hard. When […]

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April 1, 2020
The Social Science of Tiger King with Geoffrey Miller and Diana Fleischman

The absolute final word on all social-scientific questions related to Tiger King, the recent Netflix documentary. Taking questions from Twitter, we analyze: Why these tiger-breeding cult leaders score hot chicks (and guys, including straight guys!), the personality traits of these people, the ethical culpability of Joe vs. Carole, the ethics of animal breeding in general, […]

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March 27, 2020
Midnight B4 Moldbug in LA w/ Barrett Avner, Alex Moyer, and Wanyoung Kim

We recorded this late in the evening before the live show with Curtis Yarvin. It's lit, based, and fire. ✦ Barrett Avner of Contain ✦ Alex Moyer, director of TFW NO GF ✦ Wanyoung Kim, author of Cosmophenomenology Click here to download this episode.

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